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The Detroit Fire Fighters website has become larger than I ever imagined. I am in the process of upgrading the
site and hope to add some new features. To help defray the cost of this web site. I have established a pay pal account. Money’s received will go to the actual cost of the site, band width, upgrades etc. Any monies over
that amount I will donate to the Michigan  Firemen 'Memorial
John Randall

You can make a donation buy clicking on the button above. You need not be a Pay Pal member to make a donation.


I would like to thank all who have sent me jokes, stories, pictures and articles of interest. These contributors help keep the site growing and interesting. I try to put up as many things as I can and hope People enjoy the site. Listed here are contributors of content and Sponsors who have sent a cash contribution.

Thank You,
John Randall

                          Content      Contributors                                                     Sponsors
Wayne Isken
James Archibald
Melissa Allen
Gary Norfleet
Dino Dinatale
Fred Anderson
Dan Cretu
Dave Fornell
Paul Sevald
Bill Harp
Chris Helgert
Herb Mulford
Mike Farmer
Dan Jasina
Keith Redlin
Bill Eisner
Richard L. Story
Charles Carpeaux
Dan Wade
Bill Clark
Jim Porter
John Russell
Louis Bitten
Wayne Isken
Mike Farmer
Dave Fornell
Doug Fox
Dan Jablonski
Mike Simon



I know that I have missed some people and I am going through files trying to figure out who sent what. I had no idea that the site would be so large and have been remiss in keeping track of contributors. If I have missed any one, I apologize and hope that you will remind me of your contribution. I will add to the list as I sort through the site and update pages.

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